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Syed sajjad rasul
Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand
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Our Founder & Piano Teacher

Syed Sajjad Rasul

Syed Sajjad Rasul is counted as one of the most renowned music teachers in Delhi, having learnt piano from the very accomplished Mr. Jogender Nath Khan (Y. School of Music, Y.M.C.A., New Delhi) and having great passion in teaching field, he started teaching piano playing and western classical music right after completing his education. He has been teaching piano and western classical music for the past 22 years, he is serving as ‘Music teacher’ at Y.M.C.A. C.P & Genesis Global school, and has served as a music teacher at various prestigious institutes ranging from Y.M.C.A. Nizamuddin, Noida, Lancers International School, Gurgaon, C.D.R. School, V.K. toSt. Thomas School, Mandir Marg, He has taught and worked with eclectic music styles from Western Classical style of piano playing to Blues, Jazz, Rock, and beyond.

Distinguished Achievement

Syed Sajjad Rasul was recently awarded a prestigious honor for his dedicated efforts and valued commitment in collaborating with Trinity College London, India. He received this recognition at the "Celebrating Trinity and Exploring the Impact of Performing Arts on Life" event held on 2nd March 2024 at the British Council in Connaught Place, New Delhi. This acknowledgment is particularly noteworthy as he was chosen from a diverse group of performing artists who also serve as teachers, highlighting his exceptional position and contributions in the field.
Syed Sajjad Rasul is a Three-Time Recipient of UrbanPro's Students' Choice Award for Excellence in Piano Classes
Syed Sajjad Rasul has received Media Spotlight for Hard Work in Music.
Syed sajjad rasul




Piano lasses delhi is an initiative started by syed sajjad rasul. To share his experience with the new generation of upcoming music composers.


Western Music Concert

More than 70 Students of Syed Sajjad Rasul was given an opportunity to showcase their talent on a grand piano. 

Inspired By Passion
It all started as a joke... One day I was sitting with my teachers and discussing about our students, and suddenly we realized that it is very important to share the knowledge of music to the younger generation with a professional approach. In this manner, they can grow themselves in the field of music and pursue it as a career if they want..... but it eventually became a reality.”
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